Michaels Is A Full Service Upholstery Company
We do all types of Upholstery work old and new. Our new
frames are made of maple and poplar, we also use walnut,
mahogany,and oak.We use coil springs that are tied eight
times with Italian twine.We strive to use  the best materials.
One of our services is kind of unique, upholstering furniture
since 1970 we've come across many different problems one
is where you find furniture you like but you can't get it into
the room you want.Our solution is taking apart the piece
and putting it back together in the room   you wouldn't know
the difference. The other solution is that we make the piece
in parts and put it together in the room.We also make beds
and headboards. We do work for many different types of
businesses Decorators,Architects, Builders,Furniture
Designers and private customers. You can also see some
of our work at Handlerstudio.com.
Click on the sofa to see
some of our work.
Greg Kiesel Interiors